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KidZo is KidZania's official currency and is an important tool for children to learn how to manage their own money. It takes work to make money and choose in which they are going to spend it. In this regard we try to show the importance of money in our society. We need to work to achieve our aim.

In a playful and pedagogical way we help to work in the following areas:

• Speaking and Written Communication

• Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving

• Creativity and Artistic Expression

• Environment and knowledge of the world

• Physical and Sports Activity

We design activities focused on promoting attitudes and skills:

• Ecological Awareness and Sustainable Development

• Citizenship and Social Responsibility Education

• Intellectual Curiosity and Autonomy

• Cooperative Spirit and Self-Esteem

• Road Education and Fire Prevention

Yes. We offer full support for the preparation of the school visit (Transportation, Activities, Lunch Menus, Complementary Services, and Booking Process). We also make preparatory visits for Educators and Teachers and provide all kinds of clarifications regarding the Play-Pedagogical activities available in our Park.

From 10 students we consider as a school group.

School visits are suitable for groups from preschool through elementary school.

You need to contact our Groups department by e-mail or by calling 211 545 530 to check our availability. Do please, check our price list and make your booking.

KidZania recommends that the visit lasts at least 3 hours, but the group's length of stay within the park's opening hours.

KidZania grants a complimentary adult ticket for every 10 elementary students visiting KidZania. In the case of preschool groups an adult ticket is awarded for every 5 children.

Since it is not possible to bring food and drink into the park. Teachers should plan with their students the meals that will be taken on time with KidZania group department.

Prepare your students by revealing things like what kind of activities they can do and the ability to choose the ones they like best. We recommend that students be properly identified. They should wear casual clothing and footwear for the mix activities (stadium, climbing building, car circuit, race track). We advise against bringing backpacks, as well as objects that they can easily lose during the activities, such as mobile phones, earrings, necklaces, wallets, key rings, among others.

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