Pais Bem-Vindos - Every Sunday, KidZania opens the door to adults participation in some theme park activities.

In these establishments, clearly marked with the signs "Parents are Welcome!", adults can enter and perform the activity with their children.

"Parents are Welcome!" is the opportunity to create more moments of fun and learning together, complemented by moments lived in the family, strengthening the affective bond between parents and children. At the same time, it allows adults to try out existing KidZania professions and to "play again as children".

Children are adults and adults can be kids again! Mark your calendar and come discover the KidZania family!

KidZania offers this service - KidZitting - as a customized support service.

This service is available for children aged 6 or 7 who wish to access the park unaccompanied by an adult (from 8 onwards kids can enter alone). It is a service especially oriented to children who already know KidZania: they will be accompanied by a Zupervisor (an exclusive entertainer responsible for a group no larger than 12) during their stay in the park.

The KidZitting service has a cost of 12.50 Euros per child (plus admission fee of 22 Euros) and includes a meal. For more information: or 211 545 530