This Regulation sets out the Terms and Conditions for Ticket Acquisition and Access to the KidZania Lisboa Theme Park.


1. Acceptance
1.1. Visitors should carefully read the Park Regulation before acquiring tickets to KidZania Lisboa.
1.2. Entry to the park is subject to full acceptance of this regulation.
1.3. KidZania reserves the right to refuse admission or to request exit from the park without any refund or compensation to any person who may jeopardize its security, other visitors or employees, or insists on non-compliance with the rules of proper functioning of the park, or on unlawful or offensive behaviour.


2. Schedule and Opening Hours
2.1. Please refer to the information regarding the operation schedule of the park and respective opening hours in website or directly at the ticket office of the Park.
2.2. Entrance to the park is subject to availability.
2.3. The opening hours of the Park may change without notice.
2.4. On certain dates, the opening of the Park shall be subject to prior acceptance of group bookings confirmed in writing by KidZania.


3. Terms and Conditions for Ticket Acquisition
3.1. The price of tickets and other services provided by KidZania are subject to change without notice.
3.2. The ticket price includes VAT at the legal rate.
3.3. All sales are final and exchanges or returns will not be accepted.
3.4. Damaged tickets, torn or with expired validity date will not be accepted as valid.
3.5. Tickets purchased in advance do not guarantee privileged access or preferential treatment in the Park and are valid exclusively for the date and time specified therein.
3.6. Tickets or gift vouchers purchased in advance with no specific date are subject to the Park availability and validity of use specified therein.
3.7. If tickets are purchased on behalf of other visitors (e.g. Group Bookings, Schools, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, gift Tickets) the buyer accepts on behalf of the visitors who comprise the group the terms and conditions specified in this Regulation, as well as any additional information to be sent in writing by KidZania Lisboa regarding the confirmation of the booking details.
3.8. The entrance fee allows access to the recreational and educational activities available in the park, being not included any additional service, namely food and beverages, birthday parties and events, photography service and video recording, KidZitting service, Wi-Fi service, lockers, among others.


4. Access Terms and Conditions
4.1. KidZania reserves the right to request an identification document proving the age of the visitor.
4.2. Visitors must read and comply with the recommendations and signs of use and safety of the Park.
4.3. All activities within the park are of purely recreational/education character.
4.4. Children are free to choose the activities they want, subject to availability of the same, enjoying only the benefits inherent to the activities held.
4.5. Children under 8 years-old can only enter and stay in the park if accompanied by an adult.
4.6. The presence of an adult is mandatory in the course of the check-in process, including in situations where children are 8 years of age or older.
4.7. Adults must be accompanied by children in order to enter the park.
4.8. Access to some areas or establishments may be conditional upon the child's age or height.
4.9. Some spaces or establishments have defined schedules.
4.10. Some spaces or establishments can be temporarily closed for maintenance, refurbishment or operational reasons.
4.11. Some areas or establishments can be reserved for birthday parties and private events.
4.12. The last activities of the day can start, up to 30 minutes before the closing time of the park.
4.13. Those over 16 years-old will not be allowed to enter the establishments or save place in line.
4.14. Temporary exits are allowed to adults accompanying children aged more than, or of 8 years-old. In the case of accompanying children under 8 years-old, it should be ensured the presence of at least one adult within the park.
4.15. Temporary exits are not permitted to children, considering the end of the visit the moment they exit the park.
4.16. Children must be accompanied by the responsible adult who carried out the check-in process in order to leave the Park.
4.17. Entry into the park with food or beverages is not allowed. The park has facilities for this purpose.
4.18. The Park Management is not responsible for the safekeeping of assets and belongings of visitors.
4.19. Smoking is not allowed inside the park.
4.20. No pets allowed except guide dogs accompanying blind visitors.


5. Other Terms and Conditions
5.1. Inside the KidZania it is allowed to photograph and film the elements of your group during your visit. However, it may be asked to visitors not to do so, should it disrupt the normal conduct of activities or other circumstances that could impair the visitor’s experience in the park.
5.2. KidZania Photography Services may be taking photographs to visitors during the visit, if not expressly opposed to any member of the team. Photographs will be exhibited in the park and those that are not acquired will be destroyed, so that they cannot be replicated.
5.3. Visitors may be photographed or filmed by the media present in the park to carry out a press report. If you do not want to be photographed or filmed, as well as children accompanying you, please inform the media team.
5.4. It is necessary to request an authorization to carry out photo sessions or filming with commercial purposes.
5.5. For your protection, the KidZania Lisboa Theme Park has video surveillance.
5.6. The personal data collected is treated in accordance with the applicable legislation, protecting your privacy. For any clarification on the purpose, treatment, shelf life, among others, see the current DATA PROTECTION REGULATION, which is available at